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02-05-2006, 01:35 PM
Is it possible to split the lense of the taillight from the housing without ruining either one? I have a drivers side led taillight from a '94 sc that lights up perfectly but has several cracks in it. I also have a taillight from a '96 or '97 that is in excellent shape but it appears that about a third of the leds aren't lighting. Thought if I could open them both up I could transfer the good led assembly to the good housing/lense. I tried prying them apart, but am afraid to push too hard for fear of breaking them. The '96/'97 taillight looks very symetrical when it lights- looks like every third led or so isn't lit. Is this light different from the sc's?

On a side note-the sc brakelights didn't work and the left turn signal blinked really fast without lighting the front turn signal. After much time chasing wires and searching wiring diagrams it turns out the two bulbs in the third light were burnt out and the two wires for the left front signal and brake were reversed in the connector at the base of the steering column. How in the world this happened I haven't a clue. Seems unreal that anyone would mess with this but the two wires were lg/w and lg and when we switched them to match everything now works. The only question I have is now when the hazard is on and you step on the brake pedal the hazards keep flashing. Anything I've had in the past that shared turn signal and brake bulbs the brake lights become soild when the hazard is on and you step on the brakes. Any ideas if this is how it's supposed to work, or do I have more work in front of me?
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02-05-2006, 03:51 PM
This link explains how to open up the trunklid reflectors: http://www.tccoa.com/articles/exterior/led.html

When the hazards are turned on, the connection between the stop lamp switch (that turns on the brake lights) at the brake pedal and the brakelamps in the taillight assemblies is opened by the hazards switch. This is why the hazards will flash even if the brakes are on. The center stop lamps behind the rear window will come on, though, because they are connected directly to the stop lamp switch.

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The tailight housing halves are fused together. Cutting them open with a dremel works well.

Here are some addtional photos that I took when creating the Tech article over at TCCoA;









This is the resistor end of the board