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02-06-2006, 11:58 PM
ok.I know I ask alot of questions and someday hopefully I'll be able to give back . I just replaced my cam sensor although it seemed to be doing it before , had the no tach hard start ect. its solved with the new sensor but heres the deal.
when I first start her up she runs great and then when she warms up its almost like the boost is not as responsive maybe its me,just seems quiker when cold, temp gage reads little under half it is a 5 speed and the throw is tight like in hard {could be clutch} done alot to this thing and probably will never be finished LOL .....swapping out the gray interior to black lowered her with sprint springs got rid of the arc and put in KYB GR2 new motor mounts ect also didnt have the front side lights just pulled some off one at the wrecking yard .is there a template inside the bumper? anyway thanks everyone for all your help its realy appreciated ......Ted

RBH Racing
02-07-2006, 12:52 AM
could be a couple things. First it's possible that your just seeing the difference in acceleration because of the cold idle mixture and speed.

Second you could be having a light fuel issue(last time fuel filter was changed?).

Lastly, it's also possible that your O2 sensor is slowing down. While cold it will exclude the sensor and use only basic inputs for operation, once on open loop it will use the sensor to adjust both long and short term fuel trims. If the sensor is slow or inaccurate it can have the effect that you are experiencing. Even if the sensor is new(er) think back if there has been anything such as poor running due to something that is now fixed that may have clogged or contaminated the sensor.

That's the "top 'o' the head" answer, hope it helps.