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02-13-2006, 06:49 PM
I just found out this evening that Rob at Fiber concepts WILL allow for the '96 and '97 Cobra R cowl hoods to be apart of the group purchase. He did state that although he will honor the same discount for this, the 96 and 97 hoods are $50.00 more than the '94 and '95 hoods.

Image of the syle of hood we are purchasing:


However, this is still a great opportunity for you guys interested in the '96 and '97 Cobra R cowl hoods to get one and save $200.00 from the out of pocket cost.

I suppose if we can get a total of 5 guys, those who want the 96/97 would be paying $425.00

This is still the $75.00 from the cost of the hood notmally, and again the same applies to all that we are not paying the $85.00 freight NOR are we paying for the $40.00 crate fee.

Rob is meeting up with me at a half way point (unless you picking up your own hood from him is more convenient for you) and I am bringing the hoods back from PA.

I only ask that everyone involved split the gas with me that I use to drive up and back with all of our hoods... so what's that 20 bucks each worst case?

Please contact me directly to make arrangements. You will be making your payment DIRECTLY to Fiber Concepts (who supplies Super Coupe Performance) and accompany with your payment a letter allowing him to let the hood go to me so I can bring them back to Maryland.


Thank you... we are looking to make arrangements with Rob by March.

~Mercy Jantz

03-03-2006, 07:04 PM
This GP has ended on 03/03/06 with 6 total buyers. Great Job Guys!