View Full Version : Kenny Brown--(rear Torsional Load Brace)--group Buy!

Ricks SC
02-19-2006, 04:23 PM
Hi Everyone,
I just posted a Group Buy for the (REAR TORSIONAL LOAD BRACE) on Ebay. If you are not an Ebay member let me know if you want in.

This brace will fit all 89-97 Thunderbirds & Cougars. These braces will be professionally welded right from the same jig Kenny Brown Performance used. All braces will be professionally powder coated black just like the STB & LECB that many of you have purchased.

"The Heavy-Duty Rear Torsional Load Brace is designed to reduce rear control arm deflection under hard cornering." "The Rear Torsional Load Brace helps maintain rear suspension alignment to significantly improve driving feel in all driving conditions."

Check out the link below. If anyone would like to contact me please email me at (rmg1968@msn.com).



PS: Kenny Brown has been ill and I would like to put out a GET WELL SOON to him.