View Full Version : New or Rebuild Tranny

02-19-2006, 10:43 PM
Spring is almost here and I just got my bonus. Now I got the cash to make some repairs and either rebuild or replace my tranny. Too bad too the car has less then 90,000 ticks on the clock but it has to be done.

I've got two problems that need addressing:

Tranny starting to slip when downshifting from OD to D.
Should I replace it or have it rebuilt? The car is very mildly modified as stated below.
I've been looking at a few places on the web and I'm thinking I can get a better AOD for less then 2G shipped here.

There's a small amount of motor oil coming from between the tranny and the motor. I'm sure this is the rear seal.
Can this be caused by worn motor/tranny mounts?
Do I need to sleeve the shaft or will just a seal fix this?