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02-20-2006, 02:09 AM
Ricardoa1 Ive Got A Few Questions For You Regarding The Masterpiece You Call Your Sc. I Noticed That You Have Suspension Techniques Springs Cut To 2.25" --i Just Bought A Set And Was Curious As To How Many Coils You Cut Front And Back To Get It At That Height (so I Can Just Get It Right The First Time)? Also Since You Do Have It Lowered That Far, Which Ive Heard Can Cause Problems, What Other Suspension Mods Did You Have To Do (shorted End Links, Etc....) And Do You Have Any Problems (bottoming Out Shocks, Alignment Problems, Etc...) As A Result? If It Helps I Also Have A 94 Sc But With Koni Yellows. Thanks.

02-20-2006, 03:35 PM

BT Motorsports
02-20-2006, 03:47 PM
It would probably be easier to install Jamex 2" drop springs and provide better ride quality than to cut the STs. I have driven Rico's car for quite a distance and the cut STs just dont handle near the same as the uncut set I put in my fiance's 97.


02-20-2006, 04:54 PM
In What Way Does It Handle Differently? If Its Just A Little Rougher, Thats Not A Concern At All--im Willing To Sacrifice Some Comfort For Performance (which Is Why I Went With The St's)--which Is Why I Got The Koni Adjustables And Am Rebuilding The Suspension (including Motor, Trans, And Xmember Mounts), Adding A Front Strut Tower Brace, Lower Engine Cradle Brace, Etc. I Would Really Like To Just Cut About One Coil Off Of The Front Springs To Drop The Front Another .5-.75 Inches And Leave The Rears Alone. Comfort Is Secondary To Me (to Looks And Performance) But If The Issue Is Deeper Than That (handling Problems, Etc.) Than That Is A Real Concern To Me......so Please Elaborate (and Thanks For The Input).

02-20-2006, 06:36 PM
First I will say that I have never cut the springs on any vehicle I own. HOWEVER, I have driven a few cars that had the springs cut and can say that cutting springs is NEVER done for increase in performance or handling, only for looks. Cutting the springs will degrade handing very much and it is highly recomended that you don't do it.

I know there will be others to jump up and say they have cut theirs with no adverse effects or only had good results. I won't believe it. Someone else may THINK their car handles good but in reality they are likely in denial and if the truth were told you would find that cars with cut springs handle like crap.

It has also been suggested by many that it is not even safe to run on cut springs.

Do yourself a favor and do it right or just leave it as is. ;)

02-20-2006, 07:30 PM
Thanks For The Input. I Have Heard So Many Differing Opinions On Cutting Springs ---and I Can Fully Understand Where Cutting Springs Can Result In Problems----bbbbuuuutttt Lets Consider A Few Things Here: I Would (potentially) Be Cutting A Set Of Suspension Techniques Springs Which Are A Linear Rate (not Progressive Which Is Where I Can Really See Cutting Being A Problem) And I Would Only Be Cutting Off A Small Portion Of The Bottom Part Of The Front Springs (which Given That The Bottom Coil Is Touching The Next Coil, And Spring Itself Is A Little Less Than .75" Thick---i Would Only Be Doing A Minor Mod With A Total Effect Of About .75" ---which Doesnt Seem To Me To Pose Any Serious Problems As I Would Basically Just Be Trimming .75" Off Of The Freelength). I Mainly Feel The Urge To Do This To Give My Sc A Litter Better Stance Considering The Rear Will Be Lower (due To My Heavy Speakers). Worst Comes To Worst I Guess I Can Just Install The Springs As Is And Maybe Cut Them Later, But Since Im Getting A Lot Of Stuff Done At Once--id Love To Avoid Doing Stuff Over Again Later.

XR7 Dave
02-20-2006, 07:55 PM
Cutting springs is one of those gray areas. If you know what you are doing you can cut away as much as you like and not have any negative results. However, if you dont' know what you are doing you can cause yourself headaches and of course you can't put it back if you don't like it. lol

With Koni adjustables on the car you are in a good position to cut springs if you so choose. Not being able to increase the shock rates to match the springs is one of the biggest problems with most cut springs.

Another problem is that people don't take into account the OE bump stops and it is common that when lowered 2" or more you will hit the bump stops which makes for a very lousy ride. Many people have no idea that they are hitting the bump stops.

And then another consideration is the suspension and steering geometry. For example, our cars tend to acquire very negative camber when lowered more than 1.5" which cannot be corrected with an alignment. This results in horrible tire life. I've been fighting this for years as have many others with their SC's.

Then there is bump steer and other steering issues that you can run into as well.

So in the end I'm not at all against cutting springs if you use caution, but if you lower the car more than 1.5" you will have other negative results besides just the spring rates.

02-21-2006, 10:48 PM
Teh S/T springs arelinear therfore you can cut them. Generally though when you lower your car (ESPECIALLY THAT MUCH)you will need to also increase the sway bar diameters.

Personally I have the S/T springs in my 94 with the not do hot Tokicos.And letme tell you..NIGHT AND DAY from factory springs

Leave them be..Do not cut them..You will be happy as all heck, And ist plenty low without cutting