View Full Version : NASA MSR Cresson/DFW April 22/23

02-22-2006, 05:54 PM
Okey dokey boys and girls....

anyone up for this NASA event? NASA MSR Cresson/DFW April 22/23 $250 (new 3.1 mile track) is the date to mark on your calendar for the next HPDE.

4 sessions each day, Saturday and Sunday.

After completeing one HPDE with NASA the next NASA event we can sign up for Time Trials and race against the clock against other cars in our class.

One thing....according to the website it looks like we will all need to get magentic numbers for the sides of our cars.

They need to be 10 inches long and both sides of the car.

I'll get mine from Protape in Carrollton (where Russ got his.)

more info at: contact blue92 at fordbastards.org