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03-02-2006, 01:43 AM
So about a year ago my transmission burnt up. I had it rebuilt. After the rebuild I used another car for a while. Over the year I had driven the car maybe 7-8000 miles. In December of 2005 my car started to become sluggish when shifting from 4th to 5th gear. Since I only drove the car to and from school (5 miles or so) and to visit my parents (130 miles round trip) about once every month or so it wasn't an issue. I figured it was just the cold weather.

In January it got to the point where I would be hitting redline in second gear before it would shift to third and then the same thing with fourth. Since it was still under warranty I brought it back to the place that did the rebuild. After waiting a month I got the car back. I was told that a valve was bad which caused this. It was rebuilt again because damage was done.

Today, after getting my car back on the 27th of Feb. I am driving home from my parents house (mostly in traffic) and as traffic breaks I start to give it some gas (about 20 miles from my house). I get up to 60 and notice that I am not gaining anymore speed and my tac is at 2800 rpms. I get over and try to speed up again and am sure that something is wrong after I stay at the same speed.

I pull over and smell burning transmission fluid and puffs of white smoke coming from the hood and transmission. I pop the hood and pull the transmission fluid dip stick, to see smoke rising from the tube and get a big whiff of what I was now sure was burning tranny fluid. There was an ample amount of fluid and it looked a little orange. I looked under the car and noticed a drip and little puddle. I pushed the car forward a bit and saw transmission fluid on the ground.

Now, I have no doubt that something was not done correctly and it is going to be repaired under warranty. My question is what could be the problem here? I need the car for school and work so having the transmission rebuilt all the time is not really worth the time. Is the another transmission I can use? Since I do not want to put anymore (large sums) of money into repairing my {gasp} ~~~ {gasp} paying for another transmission is not an option I want to go with unless I have to. I do have a 91 SC Auto (~90k miles) which doesn't have any noticeable tranny issues.

Has anyone had experience with something like this? Should I request my money back (I know, like I'd get it)? How do other shops work? Do they give you a new one if they can't fix it after X number of tries?

Being a broke college kid I can't exactly afford a new car at the moment and don't want to waste any more money in this one when I could be saving it for a new car... Any advice would be appreciated.

Below are a list of the other issues:

Headlights go out after 5 minutes or so and I have to HOLD the brights on (or use my magic wood burner stand to prop it forward).

A/C is blowing hot air

Loud rattle from drivers side back area (around the small window)

Kills when coming to a sharp stop

Odometer doesn't work

Engine gets hot enough to bake a cake (half way b/t the M in norm and the red line)

Cruise control does not work (used to about 10,000 miles ago)

03-02-2006, 04:18 AM
Your trans issues almost sound like a misadjusted TV cable. Which gives the transmission the ability to correctly shift, if it is adjusted wrong the trans will burn up in no time. The adjuster is located on the throttle body, the top cable.

Headlight flickering- headlight switch is prob bad, these are known to fail

No AC- need the system checked for leaks, and prob a refill

Car geting hot- change the thermostat, and coolant. Also double check to see when you fan is coming on. your IRCM might be bad which is also known to happen

03-02-2006, 10:06 AM
I have 3 trannies in my F250 in the last 4 months. (get your heads out of the gutters you rotten bastages!!):eek:
I would go back....if what your saying is accurate, you have nothing to be afraid of. You spent the money, they need to get it right. My tranny shop actually drove from RI to NJ to get my truck after it left me stuck on the highway. Supposedly all due to a couple of bad convertors. Now, my tranny is elec. and yours isn't, but like stated above, your TV cable could be screwed up too. Even at that, they should have checked that to make sure everything was good.

Good luck with that.