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03-05-2006, 04:44 AM
Ok, I just purchased a radiator for my 95 5 speed. I was told that this is definitely the right radiator for my car. I have not yet had the chance to get under my car to see the existing radiator, due to work. But the new one arrived Friday, and it has the two fittings on the lower tank, facing the rear of the car. I know that a trans cooler would hook up to those holes, but since mine is a 5 speed there is no cooler. Is this the right radiator, or did they send me the wrong one?

fast Ed
03-05-2006, 10:59 AM
Often the radiator suppliers will provide an auto. trans rad for a manual trans application, mainly to cut down on the amount of different part numbers they have to stock. Ford has even done that with some of the OEM replacements for applications that are 8+ years old.

You can run that radiator, the unused trans. cooler will not cause any issues. When the original rad in my 95 5 speed puked, we put in a 92 auto. trans rad, because at the time it was $100 cheaper to buy from Ford than all of the other SC rads. Never had any problems, finally took it out to put in an aluminium rad last year.

Ed N.