View Full Version : tales of horror.. stalling, clicking squeeking, 0 oil pressure

03-08-2006, 11:48 AM
ok I just picked my car up from having the starter motor replaced.

when i started it, it was idling rough as hell.. and stalled in D.. so i figured it just needed to be driven.. so i started driving it back home and it was running better.

stalled on me tons of times.. when i would stop at a light. I filled the tank and put fuel injector cleaner in it for the hell of it... then it needed a car wash anyways..

i go to pick up my girlfriend and tell her the SC is being a bitch. We were going to wal mart so I could get some mobil 1 and a new filter.. ( 400 miles before 3000 ) because i figured I would change the oil.

So im leaving her house and I kind of get on it, because i noticed there seems to be a loss in power... right after I get to about 60 and slow down, i notice a very faint clicking. and im like ~~~~.

stalls at the light, I start it up again to drop my car off and have her drive. Then it starts shuddering and making a squeeking sound like a rickety wheel... so I am just devastated because I havent heard that since, i had a 94 cougar with a knocking 3.8 NA from a rod bearing or something. except there was no knocking with the SC, then the squeeking stopped.

Naturally I had to drive it home, and I didnt even realize it but my oil gauge was below red ( never had problems with the gauge ). Then we noticed that the tube that holds the dipstick is all loose...
~~~ is going on ?? did someone sabatoge my engine at the shop ?

So here I am today out in the cold about to do an oil change...

........:( :confused:

03-08-2006, 12:06 PM
sound lie the shop might have done something. maybe they got medieval and weren't careful with your car.

this happen to me with my moms Jeep at the ford Dealer ship. when to get the last warranty fix, replace the manifold and when they changed this they also crimped the wire harness in the manifold and broke a tube off the top and a couple other things... freaking idiots. i swear they got half dead leprechaun's working ont here cars. well kinda late after we found out so couldn't really get it fixed. but yea... inspect your car when you take it in and inspect it before you drive away.

03-08-2006, 01:23 PM
~~~~~, the last time my SC was in for servicing, those a-holes intentionally pryed and bent my front engine bearing seal, causing a noticeable oil leak. i saw the mark where the flat head screwdriver was pushed in. those bastards tried to create an oil leak to make me come back so they can charge me more time on the rack. they are the same ones who replaced my harmonic balancer (thank God that was installed ok).

Sounds like your problem is multi faceted. The main thing is that you probably have a big vacuum leak somewhere in your IC tubes. i would also replace the fuel pump, or at least clean the tiny debris strainer behind the sock at the fuel pump pick up (you'll be very surprised how fixing this will wake up your car big time- guys overlook this all the time). i would be looking at or replacing the maf, dis, cam sensors, tighten your ignition switch (there is an electrical contact fault in all SC's here) and set the tps/idle correctly (not alot of guys really know how to do this one either). i just went thru all this stupidness about 4 months ago (mine was acting just like yours) and it's all straight now- get ready for a love/hate SC adventure.

03-08-2006, 07:34 PM
Ah come on, they saw the SC roll up in the garage and they took one look and thought "Were going to hot rod that b*tch around today!" Whoo-wa :D

Then it broke and they parked it and called you in saying it's all done.

03-09-2006, 12:31 AM
i think shops see these cars and go hey, let tell him he needs this part becasue its proboly gonna be a 12 hour job to do $$$$

03-09-2006, 03:58 PM
Check the computer for codes.

03-09-2006, 04:14 PM
the first day i had my sc about nov.23 of last year, i took it to a mechanic to fix any problems it might have top off the fluids, and change the oil brakes. I get it back, and it has an oil leak, they think its the front seal, and the day before, they had complemented me on a SC with no leaks...A$$holes. then i find out my PS is leaking, wow coincidence, or they take the oil filter off with a baseball bat? they lost the light switch that pulls out, and im still looking for one. oh yeah i hade them replace the switch for me... how many other parts are "lost"? and on the pass bumper there was a huge white scuff mark? thankfully it buffed out, but cmon man? i still cant find the problem behind my cars shudder, vac lines are sweet, and the dis is great, still looking for the problem.

car never used to overheat in 20 minutes, now it does. and check this, they forgot to replace the fluid in my radiator, and overflow tank! hey thanks for draining it, and taking your break, and assuming someone else would do it. now i think me block is cracked, and when it heats up the crack expands, and i couldnt prove it was anything they did! it a new engine too! only 4k mile when i bought it. problems with the mechanic...

hey where should the pressure be in a normal running sc, for the oil gauge that is? mines all the way to the right, might be the oil. used a 20w50 not that its cold, but 5w20 ran almost all the way to the left.

03-10-2006, 01:28 AM
well i still havent gotten underneath,

but alls i know is i started it yesterday for a while, slight clicking on startup but thats all.. ran smooth and fine and even took revs...

i really think its an oil thing. wrong filter.. bad fuel pump dirty pickup tube.. who knows.

I really think the engine made all that racket from fuel not being moved through the galleries or something.

So tomorrow im gonna check out the loose dipstick tube, then put Mobil 1 synthetic in it, and a Motorcraft oil filter.. because it has a crappy fram on it...

03-10-2006, 02:35 AM
Check for the starter hanging up. Had that happen once and made all kinds of noise. Make sure it tight and both bolts are in there. Starters that hang up will get real hot real fast. You also have the dredded computer relearn as they diconected your battery. Look under the car right away and check everything.