View Full Version : Super Coupe special edition?

03-11-2006, 10:48 AM
Yesterday I saw a 91 (?) super coupe that looked very different from all the others I have seen. It had badging on the trunk and front bumper that said ROUSH in a small red rectangle. It had a rear spoiler, carbon inserts on the dash board and 4 wheel disc brakes with red calipers. and special tires (oversized). I don't know anything about the engine.

Anybody know about this model?

Perry from Seattle

03-11-2006, 11:10 AM
Modified ? sup i live in Marysville :D

03-11-2006, 07:06 PM
I've heard of a set of LX Roush T-Birds, never an SC before.


Not alot of info. But that's the only one I've ever seen.

03-11-2006, 07:32 PM
get a picture next time u see it....i wanna see it too

03-11-2006, 09:34 PM
If you look at these photos:


you will see that there was a carbon insert on the dash--


If this is the same car that you saw, then it has the stock engine--the Roush package included special seat trim, dash piece, Roush badge on the fenders and rear decklid, Valvoline graphics on the windshield and back window, Mark Martin signature graphic on the side windows, and 17" wheels. It also had Valvoline logo's on the door panels and floor mats. The engine was a stock OHV 4.6L V8. I do believe that this was the only Roush version fo the T-Bird in this body style. There was no badge on the front bumper though.....

03-12-2006, 12:03 PM
wow cool car and to think Ive never seen that one either. 1 or 6 i guess. Im a marysville local also. If you see a black 90 stock hieght with 18 arellis and shved trim its me. Sounds a little too familiar. Ok look for the for thunderbird racing logo above the windshield. Its the really shiny one doing fishtails everywhere. Man 18 tires are expensive:D