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03-20-2006, 05:03 AM
While I am not a stranger to this gathering, and blown HG @ 142k mile necessitated some immediate action (it hydro-locked) there are some things that are recently being done to my '91 5-speed that I request feed-back regarding. Car is a black (exterior) on black leather (interior) :

Parts list includes -

SCP Re-manufactured Longblock
reconditioned oil pan for an 89-93' 3.8l v6 SC (original has a worn spot from K-member due to broken motor-mounts. i.e.: leaking).

Solid Motor mounts
Solid Trans mount
(IAC) Idle Air Control valve
(TPS) Throttle Position Sensor
(BAP) Barometric Absolute Pressure Sensor
(ACT) Air Charge Temperature Sensor
Coil Pack
DIS Module (ICM)
Crankshaft sensor
Camshaft sensor
(ECT) Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
Oil Sensor (switch) - OEM
SCP Long lead O2 Sensors
Coolant Temp sensor - OEM
BHJ Balancer
SCP 3 pc pulley set (w/aluminum crank pulley)
Griffin High Capacity Radiator (prepare for a wait if you order one of these)
Radiator hose set
Heater hoses
Fuel filter
LiveWire spark wires
Autolite double platinum plugs
Billet Aluminum wireloom set
Dayco PolyCog Belt set
B&M Ripper Shifter
B&M Aluminum shift knob
SPEC Stage II Clutch kit

R&R engine harness
Paint for engine block (gloss black)
Paint for visible aluminum pieces (anodized blue)

I understand that the tranny may need to be rebult in the near future (from my observations, it has already been done at least once). As well, the exhaust leaves me wanting something better.

As one can readily see, I've chosen to keep the set-up on this machine relativley stock, with a few beefier after-market solutions.

My query is this :

Is there anything I'm missing? All of the specific fluids and gasket materials for this to come together are in place...I'm just wondering if there isn't something I have missed..as far as parts..Shop is tearing it down now (and no, I' not afraid to dig into it myself, I'm just short on time and space.):cool:

Even though I also have a '94 SC auto in my garage awaiting a front-end re-build, I sorely miss my 5-speed....Jeeps just don't cut it as an alternate form of transportation :rolleyes: