View Full Version : Not staying in Overdrive on 89 Bird

03-22-2006, 07:46 PM
Ive got an 89 Tbird, AOD, the car is only going 65 now and it wont shift into overdrive, what are the potential problems, any easy fixes?

03-22-2006, 07:56 PM
Check the TV cable. It mounts to your throttle body. Hopefully if it fell out it has not been long or your trans. is toast. If it is still conected then it most likely is not an easy fix.

03-22-2006, 11:56 PM
hey i checked that cable and it did fall out, it has maybe had 200 miles tops since it mustve broke, how easy of a fix is that

Kevin Varnes
03-23-2006, 12:54 AM
Well, hooking the cable back up is easy. A new grommet is available at the Ford dealer. Unfortunately if you did drive for 200 miles with the cable completely out the transmission is probably on its way out. Check the fluid and smell if it's burnt. Did you notice a change in the shift quality at all?

L-M tech
03-23-2006, 11:19 AM
if the cable did break and you have been driving it then more than likley the od band is burnt up and the third gear clutches are next to go.if the fluid smells burnt then its time for a overhaul.