View Full Version : Finally after 3 months

03-22-2006, 09:06 PM
it started right up after 2 tries. need to get some fuel pressure i suppose but after that its running pretty good. got to install my antenna and put the inner trim pieces back on and then i can take it for a test drive. but other than that how does my car sound ?
i made 3 videos with my camera in MOV. format. not sure how to convert to mpeg or AVI is someone know how for free let me know please. i never used Putfile this is first time. waiting for the MOV to load is pretty anoying thoe so i need to fix that but not sure how

but heres the vids be patient two 5MB and one 8MB :D

<a href='http://media.putfile.com/oh-yea51' target='_blank'>Starting</a>

<a href='http://media.putfile.com/wiiiiiiiiiiiiiing' target='_blank'>The Sound Inside</a>

<a href='http://media.putfile.com/March-22nd-2006-Motor' target='_blank'>The Motor</a>

Here are the things i have done while in the garage:
Valve Cover Gaskets
Intake Manifold Gaskets
3 New Gaterback Belts
Double Platinum Spark Plugs
New Plug Wires
Synthetic Power Stearing Fluid
K&N Filter Recharged
New Thermostat
New Viton Supercharger Snout Seal with Snap Ring
Replaced Throttle Body And Plenium Gasket
K&N Oil Filter
Wiper Blades
Filled Motor Oil With Royal Purple 10-40w
Small Heater Hose Bypassed it From Throttle Body
ReSealed All The IC Tubes
Sealed the Top with Anaerobic Gasket Maker
SuperCharger Fluid
Changed Rear Differential Fluid With Royal Purple
Replaced Shift Knob
Bleed The Brakes
Fuel Filter coming soon :)