View Full Version : Need a good cam...look no further!We have what your looking for" A good Cam!

victor malvar
03-24-2006, 09:49 AM
Hello, All of you SC enthusiasts who are still looking for a cam that will suite your needs.

After a year of checking different grinds , we finally feel very confident offering our cam packages.We have orders now for 5 cams and can do a better deal for everyone if we get 5 more. Our stage 1A is a 520 lift. this cam is a mellow cam and very popular with the SC. 5500 rpm, easy to tune and pass emissions and is ok with stock computer. Stage 1B is 520 lift @1.73 , 6200 rpm. likes aftermarket computer, 2400 stall or 5 spd.shorter rear end, no emission guarantee. This is a street cam and no higher than 550 hpw.We have 3 other cam packages and also offer a "custom" choice which would be your own numbers.
In order to better serve you please email me and I will give you more info on each stage. So whoever may be interested, please email us followed by your phone number and the best time to call you to discuss your options and pricing. Or email us and tell us what time you will be calling and we will set aside the time for you to discuss your options. Our prices are very competitive and depends on which choice you make and If we can get 10 total to order.
We are selling them individually whether or not we get the 10. The idea is to get better prices for you and that is the reason for this group buy. We are NOT listing these in our ebay store. they will be listed in our new online store which, by God, will open very soon. We are only waiting for a few more products that we want to have on hand for the Grand opening. You do not have to wait for the store to open...We are taking orders now. We also take credit cards direct by phone. Or an E-check due to paypals high fees when receiving funds you can use paypal to get an E-check. M/O and Cashiers checks are also welcome.
Thank you! We will be working hard on our site today so if we do not get back with you right away we will ASAP. If you call and we do not answer please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we can...

Sorry double posted! Admin our browser has had some problems viewing replies and viewing our post before submitting? please see what's up? Thank you. Please delete one of these two threads if possible. Thank you. Spinningwheels-sc