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Scott Redd
07-31-2002, 08:20 AM
I was looking into headers and they seemed to be a problem, I have decided to just have my exhaust done.

I live in Florida so therefore there are no inspections. On Friday I am having a true dual exhaust installed, 1 1/4 inch pipe into turbo mufflers no resonator or cats. (Will this cause a problem) Do I need more backpressure?

Is there a better muffler for performance I donít want to be too loud but want performance I have been told Flow masters would be real loud run like this.

On the intake side, is it enough to remove the silencer and change out the filter with a K&N high flow?

My last question is what chip would most improve performance for the money, (5 speed) the prices seem to vary a lot.

These will probably be all the modifications I do other than a pulley so I hope to get it right the first time.

This was a one owner car with low miles, it has been lowered with new shocks springs and struts, a centerforce clutch was put in around 7,000 miles ago.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks, Scott

07-31-2002, 08:59 AM
You might want to consider Magnaflow mufflers, as they are pretty quiet and w/o a resonator you will be loud. I'm not sure about true dual but 1 1/4 seems a bit small... The K&N filter over stock is an improvement, but I just installed a Densecharger CAI that was simple and offers far better perfromance than just a K&N panel filter. Stephen Christ sells them for less than $100 [email protected] It includes a fender mounted 7" K&N cone filter and uses the existing air tube into the throttle body. But if you have an early model SC with a 55mm MAF, upgrading to the stock 70mm MAF from later models is reccommended. If you still want the K&N panel filter, I have one just slightly used (less than 1000 miles) with box/instructions I could sell you for $30 incl. shipping...

Generally, the best chip is considered to be the EEC tuner, MN12 Performance sells them. It is a processor that attaches to your existing EEC and can be modified over and over to adjust for your continuing mods... Best bet is to let a pro write the file that will make the changes.

Good luck!

Scott Redd
07-31-2002, 10:21 AM
not 1 1/4 pipe but 2 1/4 sorry for the typo.

FearThis SC
07-31-2002, 10:55 AM
Do I need more backpressure?
I have 2Ĺ true duals with an H pipe! I would HIGHLY recommend that you get H or X pipe. For backpressure, I when with 2 glasspaks on both side with super turbo mufflers. Now I have an exhaust system that should be able to handle 350hp+, if and when I reach that milestone!!! Good investment to do the exhaust in the long run!!!!

I lost some low end but will get that back as soon as I get a 10% pulley!!!!


Scott Redd
07-31-2002, 11:35 AM
What are gaspaks and what do they do. What if I dont use?

FearThis SC
07-31-2002, 11:49 AM
Glasspacks have an inner tube that is perforated, and an outer tube. A roll of glasspack blanket is packed in between. The glasspack muffles sound by allowing the exhaust pulses to be absorbed through the perforations by the glass blanket.