View Full Version : complete SC engine, SC-to-oil pan and all in a 69 Stang...

04-05-2006, 02:29 PM
Ok guys, I am wondering if anyone has any notes on what is required to remove the whole engine, computer and all for a swap?

My wife drives a 69 Mustang with a 302 and a C4(I assume its a c4) and it likes to drink the gas, even with the new Holley "economaster" 450CFM 4bbl carb I put on, and checked with my wideband o2 meter.

I already have plans to put my spare AOD in it, but I have been curious how hard the swap would be to put in a SC motor? Good on gas, probably better than we get in our heavy birds...

My main concern is how in the world would I get all that harness out of the SC, it goes all over the place:confused: :o :eek: How much could I get rid of??? Is there any weird electrical stuff that must be swapped over beside the main computer???

I think that the savings in gas would pay for itself in a couple of years...
She gets probably close to 10MPG as of right now, it definately needs help, except for the work involved, it would probably be cheaper to get a good SC motor, rather than rebuild this carbed 302... Not to mention ease of starting in the morning, etc etc....

Or do you think a tried and true 5.0 that's been done 20 zillion times would prove more pheasible??? I understand that a 5.0 will get about 20 MPG if you go easy on it...

Any ideas?

04-05-2006, 05:08 PM
IM not not the most knowledgable about engine removals and installs but i believe a 5.0 (u thinking about making it fuel injection i assume) would be a whole lot easier.

Randy N Connie
04-05-2006, 05:30 PM
I would think it would be cheaper and easier to build the 302 motor more efficant.

Take the heads off .Port & Clean the intake ports .On the exhaust,
cut any smog boss's out and port and just clean up.And install a
larger exhaust valves on exhaust only.A multi angle valve job.

INstall a nice aluminum manifold

If the bottom end and rings are faily good.You should be able to get it up to
18 plus miles per-gallon.


David Neibert
04-05-2006, 06:10 PM
I agree with Randy...keep the 302.


04-05-2006, 10:43 PM
Would the factory intake not get better mileage than an aluminum one?

04-05-2006, 11:17 PM
If you did the engine add-on's to the 302, that would help. A 5-speed manual tranny and higher gears in the rear would help alot. It's hard to beat the overdriven 5th gear.

Randy N Connie
04-06-2006, 08:30 AM
Would the factory intake not get better mileage than an aluminum one?

A Eldenbrock(SP) Jr. aluminum maniifold works nice for me.
This is what I use on my last 302 build in a four wheel drive truck.

It went from around 10 miles per gallon to just over 18.Your stang is
lighter.so I would think you should hit the 18 gallon per mile mark.

Just clean up the intake and exhaust ports.On this year head ,I
beleive you should have smog boses casted inside of the exhaust port.
The boses are there to screw the smog tubes into the heads.

If you do have the smog heads.Take the smog tubes out,Braze
the ends of the threaded portion that screws into the smog ports.
reinstall.Then start the port clean up, removing the smog bosses
in the exhaust ports.

If you want to keep the smog parts working.You can still remove the smog boss inside the exhaust ports. And there will still be enough threads left
in the heads to reinstall the smog tubes.

This smog bosses take up around 25 to 30 percent of the area in
the exhaust ports. By removing the smog bosses,you should pick
up around 25+ horse power. Or If you wife stays out of the throttle
this will be better gas milage. 8 plus mpg

The eldenbrock Victor Jr. is lighter and flows better than the stock

If you want more power or milage up to and past 18 mpg.Do this

Victor Jr manifold.( optional can do later except port match.)
port match to intake port.
cut smog bump out of exhaust.
install larger exhaust valve.
multi angle valve job. 3 angles.min.
R-V cam eldenbrock.(optional.)

You should be able to do all this at home.except maybe the valve cut.
You can do porting with tools as simple as a drill with stone on the end of it.
To remove exhaust bosses.


04-06-2006, 09:30 AM
if your worried about gas mileage, how about a straight six swap from another stang

04-07-2006, 10:17 PM
I was well along planning a 3.8SC swap into my 71 Mustang Convertible (which has a T5).
The biggest problem which finally pushed me towards the 5.0L from a 92 Tbird - was the oil pan.
Because of the steering link in the 69' you will need a front sump oil pan - I was unable to find one for the 3.8 SC block. I came close thinking 4.2L truck pan would work, but never really resolved this.
Wiring is not a problem, you just need some quite time and good diagrams to work it all through.
My 71' is now a 92 HO 5.0L 5Spd with aluminum flywheel, fiberglass rear leafs, 8" posi, torque thrust D wheels, eec tuner, dual ex no cats, underdrives, elec fan.
It runs and drives great, has way more torque than Carbed 302, makes 200hp, 275 lbft @ the wheel.
Yes I still really wanted the SC motor in there from originality, but the time line was getting thin.

04-08-2006, 02:29 AM
I have actually been thinking about this engine for a 2nd generation RX7 project that I have....I want something that is different, and these days everyone is swapping in V8's like the LS1. so I might take a look into dropping one in one of my FC's. I have connections with a custom fab shop so I could save some $$$ that way too....but in this case, I agree--the 302 would be much easier to do. The cool factor would not be the same though.

04-08-2006, 09:41 PM
The more I think about it, I already have enough project vehcles and plans, so I think I might try a 5.0 EFI setup on this'n...

I am curious about the smog stuff, I haven;t payed enough attention yet, and don;t know if they are smog or not. I do know that the engine was somewhat recently rebuilt, and the guy I bought it froms dad did the rebuild and said he upgraded the cam, but didn't really know much about it...

I am wondering if they put some big cam in there costing me a few MPG?

I also have a gearing and/or tranny problem. The vac to the tranny seems OK and all, but the car stays in 1st and 2nd alot longer than it should, and shifts hard. I imagine there is a shift kit in it... I have also yet to calculate the rear end gearing, it might have shorter gears in it.

I already have a spare AOD and a crossmemer for this purpose, so it'll get an OD gear...

So Peterdroy66, what pointers do you have for the EFI swap???

Randy N Connie
04-09-2006, 11:34 AM
Updating the 302 with elc.fuel injection sound like the best idea to me.


04-09-2006, 01:33 PM
I think the SC engine swap would be a waste of time, as I don't really see any hope of much of an improvement in fuel mileage. I also don't understand why you would take one 302 out to put another 302 in unless the current motor is worn out. I could see some improvement in mileage with late model fuel injection on your 302 but I think you first need to find out why it is getting such bad mileage. I have had several 302 and as you want to call it 5.0 litre engines and none of them have gotten that bad of mileage. Just changing from carb to injection or adding an AOD isn't going to double the fuel mileage but it will help. For you to have something to compare to my 83 GT Mustang when it was completely stock with the 5.0 (302) holley 4 barrel carb (slightly less than 600 cfm) and 4 spd overdrive manual tran and 3.08 gears would get around 14 city and 25 hiway, so as you can see a 302 and a carb can be efficient, however if you decide to inject it you can buy a basic harness for an application just like yours where only the basics are neeed.