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07-31-2002, 09:00 PM
Good evening folks, might I trouble you for some information.. I recently moved didn't have a need for my factory shop manual, packed it in storage, and this junk haynes manual doesn't say.... We are having some hellatious Tstorms down here and my right side drain is plugged!!! Where is it that it comes out on the bottom panel of the car... I was going to pressurize it with air, but I seem to remember a problem with doing that.. I used a little can of computer air (low pressure) and that didn't budge what ever it is that has it plugged. I went as far as a motorola 2 way antenna would reach and no luck... I tried a piece of 10 gauge wire that I had that was longer and it's too weak to push anything out or I hit a 90 in the drain...

Can someone please give me a hand..... Passenger rear floor board filling up with water, will have to deploy life rafts and abandon ship soon!!! SOS!!!




08-02-2002, 11:31 AM
I think it comes out in the wheel well.

Maybe the hose came loose from the fitting and that's why it is now draining into your floor?

08-02-2002, 02:16 PM
It drains in forward of the wheel well and just in from the GFX.
Its a hole with a light blue plastic tube inside. There is another on the drivers side.

08-02-2002, 02:19 PM
That's what I thougth too, but I can't find exactly where it comes out. Momma was really pissed off when her GT Stang had to stay out in the rain last night cause she found the SC in the carport on jackstands!!!

I ran some water through the left side drain and it just seems to seep out the lower kickpanel below the hinge area of the drivers door. I can't beleve that they'd (FORD) would just drain it into a closed panel that you can't get to.... I see the same opening on the pass. side but it's real dry...... Access panels somewhere to get to that drain?? How about a stratigically placed hole drilled there somewhere??

08-02-2002, 02:27 PM
Originally posted by vancouverBC
It drains in forward of the wheel well and just in from the GFX.
Its a hole with a light blue plastic tube inside. There is another on the drivers side.

Is that inside or behind the wheel well plastic liner??

08-02-2002, 02:33 PM
If you've had your car undercoated, maybe the whole is filled.
From inside the car, you can only see it if you remove the back seat and the plastic trim that holds the rear speaker. You may be able to see it if you take out just the rear seat bottom and then look between where the seat belt mounts to the floor and the wheel well. Its made of pretty hard plastic so it would take a lot to damage it. Have you tried looking from inside the moonroof area? You may have a leaf or something in there.

08-21-2002, 12:22 PM
Ok, here's the scoop, I've been wanting to get this posted to let y'all know...

The drain on my 90 is a white tube runs from the front drain holes in the sunroom well to the front lower kickpanel, through the windshield pillar. You can actually get your hands on it through the access hole in behind the Passenger kickpanel... Here's what was stopping it, someone tell me if there's is the same....

You know the spray insulation foam that you put in a house... Looks factory but I don't know, there are several places I've seen this foam sprayed into areas on this car...

The end of the tube on both, dirvers and passenger sides is being held into place at the bottom by this spray in foam... If it was factory then it's been leaking since new. It's it's not factory then some dumb S$%t stuck the tube down into the foam, thus filling the bottom 3 inches up with the soon to expand hard ~~~ foam...

Sooooooo,, no water getting though... Man what a pain, I checked the drivers side and the tube was being held by the same foam but was not blocked up by it...

Has anyone see this foam sprayed in places on their cars?? Would be a good sound deadner, as long as you don't block the nessesities!!


08-21-2002, 09:03 PM
After one of the large rainstorms here I found out my headliner (very back right) was totally soaked. I didn't notice until my friend Adam poked it and told me it was wet.

I figure since the car sat so long that the moonroof seal has shrunk a little causing more water to come in, and I'm sure the drain was a tad bit clogged. Either way, it hasn't happened for a while, and I'm not really that concerned since I'm sure I'll have the headliner replaced in the future anyway.