View Full Version : Rear Spring Removal....

04-08-2006, 11:34 PM
Hey, i was replacing my rear sway bar bushings and the endlinks... they were all corroded and the link was eating away by the rust and ready to brake off... i am surprise it hadnt with all that massive torque i put to the rear wheels.. :D anywho... as i was installing the new end links i took a hard look at my rear spring and saw something funny about it.. this is the passenger side rear spring... it was bent... as in not like straight... as in there was like more pressure on the inner side and it was bending the spring... maybe the rear alignment is out of wack... the driver side spring is perfect... its straight... only the passenger side spring is the one with the nasty bend.. even with the car jacked up its bent... maybe i need new springs? anywho... how do i remove it? do i just remove the shock and the end link and push down the control arm? or is there another way.. i already have some spring compressors on them but i still need to push the control arms more down to pass the lil hump... anyone got any more info?

04-09-2006, 08:46 PM
You'll need to get the car up on jackstands, and have a jack placed under the lower control arm. Remove the lower shock bolt, and unbolt the endlink from the lower control arm. Next, remove the knuckle/halfshaft assembly after removing the three bolts that attach it to the control arms. Then, lower the jack, and pry down on the lower control arm to remove the spring.

Hope that helps.