View Full Version : Overtight lug nut removal

Gerry Rider
04-10-2006, 01:25 PM
For everyones info. I've had miserable time removing lug nuts from wheels that had been put on with an impact wrench by a halfwit who never heard of a torque wrench. I finally had to cut 2 of them off with a cutting wheel. In an attempt to avoid anymore aggravation, I order a "Torque Multiplier/Lug Nut Remover" P/N 93645-OVGA From Harborfreight.com for $29.99+S/H. I used it this morning and it worked better than expected. I removed overtghtened lug nuts with almost no effort required and no beat up nuts or wheels. It comes with I think 4 sockets and a folding handle in a small vinyl case. A worthwhile purchase for anyone restoring an older car that may have been sitting long enough to corrode.