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05-22-2002, 08:21 AM
How do you make your sc so shiny as it is??
What is the "magic" in it. My bird is in the paint shop right now and I'm hoping to get same kind of shine that your car has.
Any help would be appreciated!!


05-22-2002, 10:35 AM
J.P. - Well...doing it for a living you eventually learn how....
here's what was done FWIW;

1) Painted it myself with DuPont Chroma basecoat/clearcoat paint.The car was originally light titanium.

2) Waited 2 weeks and wet sanded with 1500 grit. Removed all clearcoat debris ( I painted it in my garage) and orange peel.

3) Buffed with 3M Rubbing Compound with cutting pad, then polished out with 3M Finesse-It II Finishing Material with a polishing pad, then a final buff with Meguiar's #9 Swirl remover with a
finishing pad.

4). 35 or so coats of ZAINO. LOL

Yes, the Zaino helps give it that glassy look, let's say accentuates it, BUT...I have a camcorder of the car during some of the painting and also footage of when the buffing work was done (back in 1997) and it pretty much looked the same even before I put any wax/polymer product on it.

It's all about polishing the paint ( and knowing exactly how to ), not so much what you put on it afterwards, because there are plenty of great waxes and polymers out there.

P.S. Those were the products I used in '97. Today I'm wet sanding and finishing with their new system /stuff; 3M Perfect-It III Rubbing Compound followed by Perfect-It III Machine Glaze.

Cheers, and ...thanks. :)

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05-22-2002, 12:50 PM
I need to do a little bit of work like that to my car. It was painted about 2 years ago with dupont chromacolor, and it still looks great. It needs wax bad though right now, so if I am going to do anything, I should do it now. Could you give me a brief write-up (maybe a little more explanatory than the one here) about techniques to use and products? I would really like this thing to shine to match my wheels. Thanks, and great looking car!!


05-22-2002, 02:13 PM
The first thing I need to ask is; Are you going to do it by hand or machine? You can certainly get good results by hand, but it sometimes means using different products than when using a rotary buffer. Products intended to be broken down with the heat/ friction of a rotary WILL take considerable more grunt work by hand, and require repeated applications of the product to get similar
results. You would only want to use a rotary if you have experience with one anyway...

First-wash the car...

If the paint is , as you say pretty nice, and you just need to bring up the clarity, and remove some swirls and very fine scratches, use a medium- grit polish such as :
1).3M Finesse-It II Finishing Material

2). Meguiar's Medallion Premium paint cleaner. Or...even a very cheap mild polish such as;
3). KIT Scratch-Out may be enough.

There are plenty of other good ones, but this stuff is all redily available , and they simply plain old WORK. I use the 3M , but it's sold in larger sizes and costs more.
I wouldn't use a rubbing compound on yours if what you say about your paint condition is correct, they're too harsh for your needs.
If you go the hand app route, always buff in back/ forth motions,in the direction air flows over the car at speed, but NOT circles, and use an all cotton terry towel or polish applicator, and 100% cotton terry towel to remove. You may just have to repeat using the above polish(s) more than once to get the results you want. I would finish up with a SWIRL REMOVER (they are even finer grit polishes than the above ) and that should produce very good clarity and gloss. If you will be using a pure wax, you can apply a GLAZE after the swirl remover. If you decide to use a polymer, DON'T use a glaze or the polymer won't bond properly due to the oils in the glaze. Expect your arms to be sore. :)

Let me know if you need more to go on. Good luck John. DAN H

05-23-2002, 02:31 AM
Thanks very much!! Very good information on detailing my car. I also received a private message which had link to TBSCEC Fag pages... And you had written a real good story over there which had valuable information on waxing and polishing cars... =D

Keep up the good work. And thanks again!!!