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04-16-2006, 07:56 PM
im going to work for these guys tomorrow. they make sick setups for nearly everyone. friday in my second interview i asked if he was interested in getting into markets for SC tbirds TC birds (he already makes 2300 slugs) gtp grand prixs etc. 10 sets of pistons gets a great deal. they also offer coatings for the skirts and ceramic coatings for the tops that may well help us a lot with our specific detonation troubles. http://brcpistons.com/

im going to be doing marketing and tech support for these guys. the owner is an awesome guy. the head machinist is the same way it was hard to get away from there friday. very capable i saw pieces for fiats/opels/planes/7000 rpm offshore speedboat pistons, i mean they make any piston, for any rod, in any block, period.... i know our cranks are pretty strong, the rods and pistons could stand a little strength and the rotating assembly as a whole could always be lighter. anyone interested in this can contact brc directly. the website is set up fairly well i will be doing a little freshening with that side also. any suggestions or opinions on BRC products, prefferably first hand, is welcomed and will be appreciated.

another cool thing is kenny voss's race shop is right across the street. he campaigns (or did last year) fiberglass body, tube frame 700 cube fuelie SUPERCOUPE BABY. 6.80s in the 1/4 you can find a little info on kenny here
kenny and scott built a 440 for my dad 4 years ago and its still screaming

anyhow this is a feeler. maybe something to help expand the still underdeveloped aftermarket that our cars need. also the competition could help bring the parts prices for our cars out of the stratosphere

04-19-2006, 06:30 AM
they have a job on file of the SC pistons, but the rods and crank i am going to have to engineer. if anyone has any input as to a good custom rod length for a shorter skirt, lighter piston, lemme know. im going to try to get them to build 10 sets and the pistons from my best guess will be about $500 a set. not sure about cranks and rods but it looks like my SC is going into test mule duty YAY!
the blue car may too as we are working on some 302 and 351 pistons(which means i have to build not one but 2 motors and they may wind up buying a set of yates heads and a set of TF TW heads to build custom pistons for). i think i have found the job for me:D

04-19-2006, 12:38 PM
Stock deck height is around 9.232"
Stock Stroke is 3.39"
Stock Rods are 5.915"
Stock Compression Distance is 1.602"

A 6.2" rod with the stock stroke gives a 1.326" compression distance for a slightly over zero deck (.001") and puts the pin just below the oil ring. 6.2" rod length is also commonly available in the crankshaft pin size for our crank. (351W rod)

Piston w/pin : 669g
ConRod: 662g
Total: 1331 g X 6 = 7986

My Weisco pistons came in at 591 (estimating 90g for the rod)
My Scat H-beam 6.2" rods came in at 630g
Total: 1221 X 6 = 7326

04-19-2006, 04:20 PM
You may want to make pistons for both the standard height 351 rod as well as the 6.2. Which do you have on file?

I just mentioned stroker kit being they also make cranks. That would be ideal!
Even if you used already produced rods from lets say eagle or scat.

04-19-2006, 06:20 PM
we sell oliver for steel rods and BRC custom aluminum rods but aluminum rods arent designed for street use as they will stretch up to .0020 and we make them .0010 shorter for some guys just for this purpose. if we need an even longer rod we can push the pin up IN to the damn oil ring so we have to use a rail. some use buttons and we sell'em, but mostly rails

i sold a set today with a .999 CD !! anything less than 1 inch is usually taboo and the engine builder has to talk to one of our engineers to get the job approved
they were for a blown, nitrous carb'd 580 something inch ford. these people have too much money:mad:

heres some other crank info

Heat Treatment Information

Ammonia nitride process

Deep case hardened tp .080 depth

Four day process

Stress releaved

Timed cool down periods

Electric furnace - ammonia atmosphere

Counter weights masked for easier drilling

All heat treating done before final grinding to avoid press straightening, which can cause cracking

Many Options Available

Small journal size

Chevy journal for Chrysler

Knife edge

Maximum round cut

Non standard cam out

Reverse rotation oiling

Cross drill mains

Through holes

Ear face milling

Light weight package

Counter weight profiling

Blower, Nascar & Fueler keyway

In-house balancing and repairs

04-20-2006, 01:20 PM
For people considering strokers, I think you can use 351C (as in Cleveland) rods, which are a little shorter than the 351W rods - 5.780 vs. 5.954. But they have the same big end journal diameters.

Handy chart:


BT Motorsports
04-20-2006, 02:25 PM
For people considering strokers, I think you can use 351C (as in Cleveland) rods, which are a little shorter than the 351W rods - 5.780 vs. 5.954. But they have the same big end journal diameters.

Handy chart:

I believe most people (V6 stang) who are running strokers go with a longer rod to avoid clearance issues.


04-20-2006, 06:36 PM
I don't completely understand the clearance issue. Are people having the rod bolts hitting the block as the crank turns?

It would seem that longer rods necessitates a shorter height on the piston to maintain compression ratio / valve clearance.

BT Motorsports
04-20-2006, 07:01 PM
Yes, I believe the block ends up getting notched when the shorter rods are used and the counterweights end up getting turned (requiring mallory for balancing as a result) because of the skirt to counterweight clearance or lack of. As a result, the longer rod and shorter piston height is often chosen to avoid such problems. I believe (though I am not certain so don't quote me) that the 4.2 truck engines use around a 6+ inch rod for their application (which is a stroked 3.8).
If you check on v6power.net and 3.8 mustang.com, you should be able to find specifics.


04-20-2006, 08:52 PM
i worked it all out on paper today at the office and it looks good with a CD of around 1.3 more or less, which may be able to keep the pin out of the oil ring. hell it seems about half of the pistons we sell are for a long rod configuration with the pin up in the oil ring land so we have to use buttons or oil rails on the pistons

04-21-2006, 10:30 AM
Yes, I think the 4.2 rods are 6.091 inches long. And the stock 4.2 compression height is something like 1.273. (If I'm wrong, someone correct me - it won't hurt my feelings.) So the piston runs 0.002 inches above the 9.232 inch (theoretical) block deck height (at TDC).

Ok, I think I get it now. Thanks for the info.