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05-21-2002, 01:21 AM
Ok, to post a pic, I need a url. Is there any kind of website I can go to to download my pictures to so I can use that address??? Please help, I knew this answer once upon a time, but that was so long ago!

05-21-2002, 03:03 AM
Haven't seen you post in awhile, how ya been, how's the car? There's a couple of sites, geocities is one, xoom is another one or you can just go to yahoo and search for free picture hosting. If your just looking for web space just go to yahoo and search for free web space or website, there's a million places out there. Good luck, hope you and the car's doing well.

Scott Long
05-21-2002, 05:20 AM
members.tccoa.com/ (http://members.tccoa.com/)

You get 10mb of free space. Just follow the instructions on how to set up an account.

How've you been? Will you grace us with your presence this year at Carlisle?

Take care,

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05-21-2002, 09:11 PM
Thanks guys....and I've been doing well, how've you guys been? Sadly, I will not be making it to Carlisle. I refuse to read any posts that say "Carlisle" as the topic. It just happens to work out that the biggest day of the year at work is June 1st every year! :( I'm already making deals with the boss to try to get off next year though. My car is doing good, except she needs so much work done. Brakes, shocks, tires, motor mounts.....*sigh*...I wish I were rich.


05-22-2002, 06:52 AM
I've been good, let's see since the last time I talked to you I totaled my Blue 94 SC, road around a base model for awhile and now I got a different 94 SC, white this time. Don't worry about your car, as you know it's always something. Ask Chuck, my car NEVER runs the way I want it to, it's aways something, now it's the egr, before that it was a VAC leak, up and coming will be the rear end and tranny. If you need parts though I should be getting my hands on 2 parts cars dirt cheap. Their a 91 and 92 I believe, but a lot of parts are interchangable. My e-mail is Viper1010. Anyway I should really get back to work, best of luck with your car!