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05-07-2006, 07:31 PM
Email Address:Jeff Gabbert [jj94sho@yahoo.com]
User Name: 91scyeah
Vendor/Individual: Individual

I bought the 90 SC he had (listed as 91) after driving and visually inspecting it. Less than an hour after I purchased the car, the sealant that had been used ( i have the sealant that fell of with fingerprints still mashed into it before it dried) to conceal a cracked oil pan came off and the car began to leak copious amounts of oil. I was not made aware of this "FIX" prior to buying the car. I then contacted Jeff and he agreed to pay for half the repair cost for a new oil pan. I proceeded to get the pan fixed..approx $680 for new pan and installation and let Jeff know what his half was on 4/29/06. He was to come into my hometown (College Station, TX) this past friday (5/5/06) to drop me the money for his half of the repair. I have had no contact with Jeff since 4/29/06. I have called and emailed him and no response as of today (5/7/06). I blame myself for not having the car thoroughly checked in a pre-buy inspection, but I did not. I gave Jeff credit intially for stepping up to the plate and doing the right thing in paying for half the repair, but since his lack of cummunication it appears he is renegging on his end of a deal that he had already agreed to. Jeff is selling a few other cars and has 2 SHO's so anyone beware if you end up looking to buy a car from Jeff Gabbert. His location is outside of San Antonio, TX near Boerne.

If for some reason he does contact me and fulfill his end of the deal, I will post here and happily erase any negative feedback.

Chris Greco

05-09-2006, 06:33 PM
JEff got back to me yesterday via email and told me he had to use the money for a personal emergency. It was pretty vague but I believe he is still going to take care of his half of the repair bill (well see, I hope so because he sure was a nice guy when I met him to buy the car)

As soon as I get the repair money I will ask the moderators to remove this post

College Station