View Full Version : parts I can bring to club clash

05-08-2006, 12:05 AM
* flexplate off a 4.6 T-bird, $10
* Pair of Audio Art 6x9 3 way speakers. $50 obo
* A rear set of springs off a 90 SC. $30obo
* Drivers side rear knuckle with hub and dust shield off a 90 SC, bearing needs replaced. $30obo
* Rear calipers off a 90 SC, need rebuilt but would work well for cores. $20obo
* original spare tire/rim off 91 bird
* AOD "A" overdrive servo $40
* sport rims with tires, tires are not the best or a set of rims from a 94 t-bird with decent cooper cobra white letter tires. I'm selling one set or the other, don't need both.

I also have front spindles and rear drum knuckles off my 91.

If you are interested make reasonable offer and I can bring it to the club clash on may 20.