View Full Version : ok then. real nice SC longblock fresh heads for sale GA/FL BBK PRO-FLO ARP

05-09-2006, 07:20 PM
will come with complete new gasket set, heads that have been reworked/decked (no porting) ARPstudded to the block already with good fel-pros' in between. this was the long block out of the worth county sheriifs wifes car, has a little over 100k, had NO sludge or deposits inside the valve covers/under the lower, etc. its all together, the factory balancer still looks good and has the cover over it. this motor will come with all kinds of SC specific pieces that are new or in good working order. got a big ~~~ chrome MAC fenderwell kit with a big k&n on it, a PRO-FLOW chrome mass air tuned for the factory injectors, a good rail and injectors, a BBK 70 MM Throttle Body, a factory inlet matched to the 70 mm, some lightly ported IC tubes adapter is ported a little, top is stock, TWO BLOWERS one works good just needs a snout seal but it dont leak bad, and a noisy blower, both of the pre-94 persuasion. youll get the starter, the water pump, the left and right engine brackets with a good set of stock pulleys, the IC. ill also give up an engine harness if someone is wanting to do a swap. i will guarantee this engine is in great running condition and has a LOT of factory crosshatch in the bores and a TINY amount of ridge im not even sure you could mic it and see it. it held awesome oil pressure and made no noise. this is pretty much a whole motor minus the alt and power steering pump, ready to go. ROLANDS CYLINDER HEAD 229-244-5041 did the heads for me. they got the works, including checking and shimming all the springs, etc. the look brand new. i have not painted the short block yet. i didnt know what color to paint it. i ll leave that up to whoever buys this load of stuff. theres no way in hell i would ship this. interested parties need to come see these pieces. all my aluminum (brackets, tubes, top) was sandblasted and ceramic painted silver. the magnesium valve covers were blasted and painted by me, ~~~~tily, they need a repaint and there are some p[laces where the blaster pitted them, they look better than they did though by a long shot. ill be posting some newer pics tomorrow

$750 gets you

90 SC short block
90 SC heads FRESH
ARP Stud Kit
Fel-pro gasket set, complete
NEW rear main seal
ProFlo Mass Air chrome
Mac fenderwell kit chrome
injectors and rail
TWO blowers
new IAC
new plug wires
new t stat
top & tbes refinished
Accessory Brackets, refinished
stock pulley set nice
good oil pan
good exhaust manifolds unported
stock lower
fresh plugs
new belts
new hoses
and im sure im forgetting something:)

05-09-2006, 07:21 PM
if this sells before the car sells, im gonna keep the car to put a good ol 460 in one day

05-15-2006, 10:07 PM
yep. keeping this stuff too.

thank you for the ad space SCCOA!!!!:) :) :) :) :)