View Full Version : ABS Delete the easy step by step intructions ?

05-10-2006, 08:16 AM
ok I'm interested in deleting my ABS system.
i read threw ABS delete post and its almost to much to read. to many replies gets me all confused.
can someone post step by step instructions on.

1. what all do i need (i mean everything) special tools, brackets or whatever.
also what parts from what years can i use ? all years, models and makes for each part would be good since junk yards are sometimes limited to what years are available.
2. about how much will this cost me to do ? (from used parts)
3. about how long does this swap take to do ?
i have a 1990 SC automatic transmission. will this be the same directions for all SC or just sertain years ?
i figure if someone had the time they could post here instead of reading 80 pages of posts and getting so confused they just forget about the whole idea of deleting the ABS system.