View Full Version : 89-93 SC vs 97 4.6l

08-03-2002, 03:05 PM
Ok what im kinda confused about is that my 97 tbird lx (4.6l) ran a 15.3 at the track with no mods, and its supposed to run a 15.5 or so (rough estimate) and the supercoupe (89-93) apparently runs about a 15.5, but wouldn't it run a lower time than 15.5 seeing as how the 89-93 sc has 210 hp and 315 tq, and the 97 4.6l has 205 hp and 280 tq. Also i live in austin texas so that probably has somthing to do with it. but theoretically shouldn't the supercoupe run low 15's like 15.3 or even maybe 15.2 stock?

Bill Evanoff
08-03-2002, 03:18 PM
The performance of the '96/97 4.6L Birds nearly match the performance of the early automatic SCs. Thanks to a wide ratio transmission and 3.27:1 gears in all the '96/97 LXs they usually perform as yours did.

I've see the early AOD SCs go 15.1 stock and I've also seen them go 15.8 or so. The weather has a big effect upon these numbers.

Both cars can be easily modified for substantially better performance.