View Full Version : Won't idle, just changed head gaskets

08-03-2002, 07:09 PM
Just changed the head gaskets on a 89 SC. I bought the car like this for 800. had the heads reworked and installed both gaskets. It will start right up but won't idle. Runs smooth about 2k but spits and sputters below that. I suspect a vaccum leak, but working by myself I can't catch it fast enough to keep it running. I checked my plug wires (new ones) and they are properly routed. Is it possible to be bad plug gap? Need help and suggestions.:confused:

08-05-2002, 12:17 PM
There are lots of places for leaks.

#1 - The mating surface for the SC assembly and the intake manifold. There should be a gasket there.

#2 - The large collar nut on the SC top could be leaking. You can purchase a set of teflon gaskets from a user here, or from ford there is a kit with teflon sealing tape. Others have used copper RTV.

#3 - The other points for attaching the IC tubes might not be sealed. Same as above, get gaskets, kit from Ford, or use copper RTV.

#4 - There is a hose for the PVC system that connects to the bottom of the intake pipe. This is easy to miss.