View Full Version : HHm...why do the ABS & BRAKE lights come on with the E brake?

05-27-2006, 03:51 PM
Seems weird to me. I just installed an ABS hydraulic pump on my 35th, brakes fully bled. I was getting both lights when braking really hard only(accumulator) and when i set the parking brake. So i changed it with the good accumulator from my 89 and i dont get the lights when braking but i still get them when i set the parking brake :confused: . Weird no? Any ideas?

06-11-2006, 08:53 PM
Any ideas? :confused: The light only comes on when the Ebrake is applied...when its not, both lights are out and never come up in driving, or when braking (soft or hard), brakes are firm. It makes me think its not a real ABS issue (since the antilock light goes away after ebrake is disengaged)...but what else could it be?

Gary Bitzer
06-13-2006, 04:29 PM
never heard of such a thing, sounds like maybe another sc mystery, lol

07-20-2006, 09:48 AM
I am having the exact same problem with my '92SC. I've had ABS problems in the past, mostly the light coming on when I braked. I replaced the accumulator, about a year ago, and that problem was solved. I just recently replaced my left rear caliper since my 'slide pins' seized up. I completely bled the brake system. Now I have the problem again of both lights coming on when I apply the E-brake (previously I read that it can be caused by a low fluid level and that solved it once). My level is fine, but the same problem.

Actually I have a second problem as well. Sometimes out of the blue, my abs light comes on and stays on for days. When the light is on, the abs obviously does not work, and I can lock up the brakes. Then without warning, the light will go out and the abs works fine. When the light is out and working properly, the problem with the light coming on with the e-brake remains. Any additional tips is greatly appreciated.

07-21-2006, 08:44 AM
My current suspicion is that there is air in the system...and this is why. Before I started working on the ABS to put my 35th on the road my 89 had no brake problems...none, period. I changed the ABS assembly on the 35th, i got my brakes back...but i kept getting the brake/abs light combo when applying the brakes hard....meaning, new accumulator. Before buying it I decided to test it with my 89's accumulator which was also pretty new...and the problem on my 35th went away...except when the ebrake was applied....however, once I got a new accumulator and i replaced the accum. on the 89, the 89 started getting an ABS light.

As I remember I did a 'quick' bleed on the 35th b/c i was eager to get it on the road, and i didnt bleed the 89 once i replaced the accumulator...so im guessing that air is causing the lights. The 89 gets the light, and it goes away randomly..on and off, but the brakes are fully operational including ABS.

Two other things were suggested to me by members of the board. One, replacing the Ebrake sensor in the actual ebrake ratchet. I'll try that as I have like 3 spare ebrake ratchets. Also, Mr. ABS gury Duffy Floyd recomended changing the ABS computer. He agrees with me that there is no actual relation between ebrake system and ABS, so the computer might have an internal short making both lights pop up.

I just bought another car (yay! :p - 92 tbird sport 5.0!) and since my brakes work on both cars, im going to probably hold off on the bleed for at lest a couple weeks. WHatever I find out, i'll post...and if somebody finds a solution, by all means post too.

07-21-2006, 12:27 PM
The brakes on my '90 SC have always worked very well - except when I needed to change the accumulator - a bad accumulator makes panic stops a real panic.

Since I've owned the car, both brake lights have been coming on and off randomly. When I pulled the e-brake, sometimes one light would come on, sometimes both.

Had ABS codes checked - nothing. Pulled a wire on the master cylinder and found that it will throw a code.

Finally installed a new e-brake switch. After I did that, when I pulled the e-brake on, both brake lights would come on. When I put the brake off, both lights would go off.

Now, about six weeks after changing the switch, when I pull the e-brake on, sometimes both brake lights come on, sometimes only the red brake light comes on. And the yellow ABS light is coming on and off randomly. The brakes are still working fine.

I'm thinking about having an exorcism for the car. :D

'90 5-speed SC
'97 LX Sport