View Full Version : Cowl hoods GB to MD, DE, PA, and VA...

06-03-2006, 11:49 AM
I am organizing another group buy for cowl induction hoods by Fiber Concepts in Hatboro, PA.

As always a minimum of 5 buyers is needed to before an order can be placed.
I email catalogs in PDF format upon emailed request to mercury267@juno.com

This is a local group buy to the states indicated in the title so we can avoid taxes, crate fees, shipping, and receive an additional $50.00 off the cost of the hood. Total savings is about $200.00 on each hood.
Pickup is available at my home in Baltimore, MD or at the factory in Hatboro, PA.
If your location is "in route" drop offs to your location can be provided.

This group buy is offered to those on MAMN12.com, MarkVIII.org, SCCOA.com, TCCOA.com, and also Corral.net

Email any questions you may have, or feel free to call me at either 443-864-9144 or 410-247-2224

Thank you,
~Mercy Jantz
Baltimore, MD