View Full Version : Stuff! 2.3 Whipple, rims, tranny, 302 engine, black oem hood

06-10-2006, 03:33 PM
eh, just about at the end of my rope collecting crap I don't need anymore.

I have, I think 5 later SC rims with tires on them. Up in the air as to what I want for them. Make an offer.
93 Black hood. I don't recall it being in bad shape. I have no use for it. I know it's condition isn't very specific, but I just want it gone.
302EFI with Lentech clone. Came out of my 93 SC. Has mn12 mounts on it. I will need to track the wiring harness down. Ran excellent when it was in the car. Here's an Ebay link.


I'll have to look to see what other junk I have laying around.

I still have a set of heads, pushrods, and cam kicking around that I got from Silvercasket. They flow slightly better than stock, and of course like everything else I sell, I have no cam specifics.:confused: I am sure anyone who sees this may ask what they would make for power....I would hate to even speculate what they might do. They have been flow checked, and appear to be OK, so if you need a set of heads, these may have some potentiel. Email me if your interested. We'll talk.

I still have the 2.3 Whipple. Still don't know what I am doing with it. I'd sell it if I can get 2500 for it. If not, then I'll keep it, I suppose. It's making a pretty good paper weight actually.
Comes with the blower, bypass valve, top and bracket(needs welding), intake and intake plenum.
Probably not a good idea for a novice installation. Other bolt on kits that are out there may be better suited if your looking to have your car running in one afternoon.

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