View Full Version : Where's my bad bearing???

06-13-2006, 10:47 PM
For about three weeks my bird has had a noise in it that sounds like a release bearing going bad. It has a chirping--vibrating--wobbling sound. While sitting in the driver seat, it seems to be coming from the front right engine bay. When I am under the hood, I can't hear it. It isn't loud at idle, but it is louder in first and second gear usually at low RPM's. I thought it was the release bearing, but it doesn't change pitch or volume with the clutch in or out and I don't feel it in the pedal. I seem to think it is the jackshaft bearing, or in the super charger. If anyone has had these symptoms and can guide me in the right direction, let them rip. If I can't get any clues, I will begin with removing belts and cranking it to see if it is still there before I tear the tranny out. The jack shaft and supercharger has about 151,000 on them and the LUK release bearing has about 9,000 on it.

Thanks. Biggin'

06-14-2006, 06:13 AM
My vote would be the supercharger,rebuild it with new bearings,a new seal and a new drive unit.You could also check out your tensioner wheel bearings.