View Full Version : WTB: '89, 35th, '94, or '95 5-speed SC

06-22-2006, 03:07 AM
Hey guys-

Since my 35th got crushed by a 30,000 lb. bus, I need a new SC. What I'm looking for is a 5-speed in pretty immaculate condition and fully loaded (except for those frickin' phones). I would prefer less than 70,000 miles and #s matching, but I may make exceptions for exceptional cars, like the 153,000 mile Bill Elliott that was recently for sale. The car should be free of any issues and I would prefer stock, as I have my own mods that I would prefer to throw on the car. Once again, though, I will make exceptions for cars that specifically fit my needs.

As far as years and colors, any of the following would be awesome (but in certain cases, I may be okay with other exterior colors in a case where I would repaint the car):

-'89 Black, Red, or Blue over Black, Tan, or Grey
-35th, enough said
-'94/'95 Pearl, Black, Red, or Blue over Black, Tan, or Grey

Thanks to anyone who replies,