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06-22-2006, 03:42 PM
how long should it take me to change my front main seal.. im no newby to these cars i can swap a moter and tranny out and in, in less then 8 hours. has anybody dont this seal latly that could walk me through it.?

06-23-2006, 02:40 AM
approx 2 hrs

Remove the belts and the radiator fan.
Remove WP pulley and Crank pulley.
Undo the balancer bolt, and remove plastic shield.
Remove the balancer: http://www.mn12performance.com/mn12how-to/BHJ/BHJ-install.html
Pry the old seal out.
Put some oil on the new seal.
Install new seal –best way to do it is to use a big washer (or similar) and a bolt in the crank shaft to push it on –I used a underdrive pulley for the alternator –fitted perfectly:)
If the seal came with a sleeve, install that on the balancer.
Install balancer: http://www.mn12performance.com/mn12how-to/BHJ/BHJ-install.html

Joisey Jim
06-23-2006, 12:29 PM
If the front main seal (the one in the timing chain cover) is only weeping a little, I would tend to leave it alone. Time to do it is when you decide or need to replace the stock balancer with the BHJ aftermarket unit. The reason I say that is even if you install a new balancer to crank bolt (a must) you still run the risk of the stock balancer failing shortly after the re-install (been there done that). Life expectancy of our balancers is certainly fickle. I replaced 2 stock balancers on my '93 5 speed within 205,000m; yet I've just voluntarily (preventive maintenance) replaced my '94 automatic with a BHJ (along with a new crank seal) at 130,000m.