View Full Version : a need to know for people in kingsport, TN area

06-24-2006, 11:38 PM
if anybody lives in the kingsport area and you need work done do not take it to white performance, i took my car down there and ask them to replace the rod bearing and they said no problem, so it sat down there for 3 months and i called like every other day and they kept telling me they would get to it and the end of the week, so i would call back at the end of the week, they said well get to it monday, well like i said that went on for 3 months and then they just ask me if i wanted to replace the motor so i said sure, they found a used motor with low miles for 1100$ and 550$ for the install sounded great to me, well they took 2 months to install the motor and when they got it in the couldnt get it running right, i called back like a week later and they said its ready and then they told me that i owed 1300$, i had already paid the 1100$ for the motor so the were charging me 800$ more for parts that i never ask them to put on, to make a long story short i had to get the cops to come down there because the owner wouldnt even come and talk to me and i ended up paying like 900$ and i got the car home and it was over heating and it wouldnt start back up and i let it cool for hours and it starts but randomly, and those were the problem they were having with it when they installed the motor, so they told me they fixed the problems but didnt, so i paid all that extra money for noting, so my advise is DONT EVER take you car there if you like it