View Full Version : trans problem in a tarus

07-11-2006, 01:15 AM
so my brothers firend ahs a tarus. yeah. its shudders when it stops. and is stuck in 2nd. the mechanic wants $80 and only said as a diagnostic its stuck in 2nd. i laughed too. but she wasnt kidding.

i told her that $900 to drop the Tranny out and look for the problem, and he quoted $1500 to fix it was way out of proportion to the problem.

First off he gave her an estimate to fix it, but didnt actually drop it, or open it.
Second, $80 diagnostic to tell her its stuck in second???

and thirdly, thirdly is a word, i told them it is easier to get a different car.
but they wont. stubborn...

could be the TC right? either way i wouldnt pay that $80 and i would walk away, just want to double check with you guys to make sure im not crazy though.

07-11-2006, 11:11 AM
No it's not the Tc those converters rarely go bad. It is a valvebody/electrical problem firstly. Those could be caused by failing internal components. Swap a used trans in it and call it a day. I guarantee he will take the trans apart and the 1500 will become 2500. What year is it I have a 96 trans that is freshly rebuilt and I have decided not to mess with the car.