View Full Version : Milan Dragway (wednesday 8-7-02)

08-06-2002, 09:26 PM
Just wondering if anyone from Michigan had any plans of going out to Milan Dragway tomorrow (Wednesday 8-7-02) ?? I just decided that I'm going and even took tomorrow afternoon off so that I can get there early and get some runs in before everyone shows up. The wheather is just too nice to pass up going and hopefully I should get some descent times.

If anyone else is gonna be there, let me know who ya are and what year and color your car is and I'll try to watch for ya. I'll be there in my blue '96 T-Bird and it'll have a set of ugly Taurus rims on it.....they're ugly as heck, but they were laying around so I decided to use them for a set of BFG drag radials !

See ya there......maybe ! LOL

Jon P.