View Full Version : What is a Cam Position Sensor...and again...More tranny problems...Please HELP!

08-07-2002, 04:13 PM
Heres the rundown....I have a 94 SC Automatic...this transmission shop has had my car for the past 2 months...doing a rebuild. In that 2 months...theyve given it back to me around 6-7 times...saying it was done...and each time...within 1-2 days, Id have to bring it back. 3 of those times I had to tow it to them becasue it was undrivable. They have replaced all of the "hard parts" and electronics in my transmission including the valve body twice and the torque converter 3 times. Everytime I get it back, it runs fine at first...but after about 20 mins of driving...it starts shifting in and out of gears...ill be in 3rd...then it will drop to second and rev to like 3000rpm...then back into 3rd..and so on. Or ill be driving on the freeway and it will do the same thing with 4th and 5th...usually I can just pull over, throw it into Park then back into Drive and it will work again for a little while. Sometimes, if I come to a stop sign, I cant get it out of 1st gear, so I have to pull over...and go through the same routine. Some days it happens more than others...usually when Im not driving hard...just cruising. It seems to work better when I drive agressive..you know...lay into the gas a little harder then usual. Ok, so to the Cam Position Sensor...The last time they had my car, they said it was throwing a code... 214: Error in Cylinder ID circuit or signal, I was reading another post and people are saying it usually involves changing your CAM Position sensor...do you guys think that this could be the problem? If so...should the transmission shop be required to change this part or is it non transmission related. Ive never had this problem before the rebuild...I brought it in to be rebuilt for preventative reasons...and now my bird dying...someone Please Help me!

Sean McL
94 SC Auto

Dustin Yenny
08-07-2002, 05:28 PM
No, cam sensor should have nothing to do with your transmission problems. If they have replaced all hard parts, have they replace the MLPS switch? This is known to be troublesome on '94's and it tells which gear you have the shifter in. The main problem from what I have read is Ford did not use a gasket to seal this switch from moisture, I believe '95s have the revised switch with gaskets. I also believe you can buy the revised switch from Ford for around $60.