View Full Version : Soft Fuel Line ?

07-29-2006, 02:14 AM
i took the Carb of my 1984 Chevy S-10 V6 to rebuild it.
well the Hard line that screws into the Fuel filter Fuel line on the back of the carb got rounded off so i had to twist the line of by turning the fuel filter housing. i tried taking off the fuel line fromt he other end so i could use it as a template to bend a new fuel line but i cant get the other end off either.
so what i would liek to do is cut the fuel line just above the Intake Manifold and then take a small peice of flared fuel line and make the "U" Bend in it to go into the fuel filter and then connect the two peiced with some Soft Hose right above the intake mainifold.

is this ok to do ?
what type of hose and clamps should i use ?
i would only need to use about 6" or so of soft hose.
this will save me so much trouble if i can use soft line to join this small section.

i had to rebuild the Carb since i faild emissions and tabs are going to expire and the end of the month and i need this done.