View Full Version : EGR vs Detonation

Tbirdsc Colonel
08-03-2006, 04:38 PM
I have been pondering deleting my EGR on my 95 but I came across a bunch of articles that say that EGR actually helps prevent Det.? Has anyone heard of this and is there any truth to it?





and those are just a few do a google- detonation egr
and you will get a ton of results all saying the same thing
I was just curious of anyone has started to notice det. after removing egr?

Kevin Varnes
08-03-2006, 04:52 PM
That's what my understanding was. I didn't read through all of the articles, but the EGR actually does help to cool the combustion chamber to help prevent detonation.

08-03-2006, 05:22 PM
EGR- Exhaust Gas Recirculation- EGR is a system whereby a small amount of exhaust gas is redirected to the intake stream, under certain load and temperature conditions. This is not done to reburn the gas (as is widely thought), but to lower overall combustion temperatures. Lower combustion temperatures reduce the amount of NOX produced during the combustion process.

this bieng said, my 90sc has no egr, and i have yet to see detonation with california 91 octane gas and app764 plugs. with wr4104 motorcraft wires.