View Full Version : Low millege (56 K)SC Engine and AOD Tranny combo for sale in Mid GA

08-30-2006, 11:45 PM
Figured I would post this in the SE section as well b/c some people wouldn't want to ship this setup. But shipping can be arranged

Up for sale is a Motor and Auto tranny setup from a 1992 Thunderbird SC. It is complete with wiring harness and the supercharger. I bought this setup years ago from a forum member to put in my 35th anny SC. I have since sold the anny and now this setup is just sitting in my shop. THe gentleman who sold me this provided a copy of the salvage title when he sold me the swap. IT came from an sc that slid off the road and cliped a telephone pole or gaurdrail in the rear quarterpanel area. It showed 56,XXX miles, but I have since lost the title. IF someone could tell me where to find a VIN # on the motor or Tranny, I could run a carfax to back up the millege. When I recieved the motor tranny, I dropped both the oil pan and tranny pan and both fluids looked great and now signs of any problems. The fluids were refilled with fresh levels and the motor was turned over manually periodically just to keep everything lubed.

I am looking to get $900.00 for the combo and really do not prefer to break the combo but could be swayed for the right price for either piece. I am located in central GA and shipping can be arranged at buyers expense.

IF you have any other questions feel free to email me at supercharged_6@yahoo.com or call at 478-414-8267.

I have 100% positive feedback on ebay and I can provide my user name to serious buyers and I also have a flawless rep on supraforums.

I will provide a start up warranty for someone who is reasonably close to me. Less than 6 hr drive.

Thanks guys