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09-12-2006, 01:09 PM
Made about a 100 mile trip started with a fresh tank of gas.. Car ran fine passed a few people no noises plenty of power good oil pressure good temp everything fine.. Got almost home (at this point i was down to 1/2 tank) and every time id go up a hill or lug on the engine i had a rattling noise which didnt quite sound like spark knock but not sure what it was.. Well babied it home and checked it out didnt look like exhaust was loose anywhere heat shields on the convertors tight.. Car never lost any performance oil looks new just has a noise.. So i thought bad gas? i pull the octane plug put the car in gear give it some gas hear the noise... noticed a little play in the blower awhile back so i pull the s/c and jackshaft belt off thinking the blower is making noise... Still makes the noise.. One thing i do know is the driver side motor mount is in bad shape but i couldnt see anything hitting anything that could make it do that... Any ideas on what to look for its late i am going to sleep on it but if anyone has any sugestions of things to check out let me know.. the car is a 93 auto s/c 120k or so.. Also could this possible be somthing loose in the cats? or one of them??