View Full Version : Rotor Pack Seals

09-18-2006, 11:48 PM
My blower is noisy. I've rebuilt the snout twice without replacing the coupler with no success. I assumed after the first time I rebuilt it (the noise was briefly gone) and it crapped out shortly after that I had used bad bearings which could not handle the stress. So, I rebuilt it again with the same result only this time it was noisy from the start (no noiseless period). Now, I have the proper NSK bearings, looking to get the rear needle bearings, and decided to order a new coupler as many say thats what chatters.

My question is how common is for the rotor pack seals and bearings to fail? I didnt notice any oil leaking into the rotor housing from the snout and not sure how to otherwise tell that the seals have failed. I really dont want to put this thing back together without replacing the rotor bearings/seals and have them be the reason it chatters. But I've heard replacing the rotor components is a bit of a hassle and I haven't found much info on how to change them.

Or, could it just be a worn coupler and I should have just been a little smarter the first time I did this and replaced the coupler at the same time as the bearings?