View Full Version : Brand New A/c Compressors Great Warranty Made In The U.s.a. By Hard Working Americans

victor malvar
10-15-2006, 09:45 PM
Hello, everyone,
This is a new product that took awhile to acquire, but it is now in our online store. These will work great on Ford Thunderbird Super Coupes, Regular Thunderbirds as well as Mustangs, XR7s, SVT Lightnings, and custom applications whether it be hot rods, Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, Hondas, or Toyotas. Basically, we can get these for most any American models or Imports. These are brand new not remanufactured or used, FS10 (FX15 upgrade) A/C Compressor with 6 groove clutch assembly. (compressor with clutch).This pump is compatible with R12 and R134a refrigerant.
These are very well manufactured, N0T remanufactured. Made by good hard-working people in the U.S.A! They come with a one year warranty against any defects whatsoever. Check them out in our new store or you may call us at 352-732-5013. We take Visa, Mastercard or American Express. We also take Paypal and our paypal address is spinningwheels-sc@earthlink.net Thesecompressors retail from $245 and up! We are offering them at a special SCCoA/ Spinningwheels-sc price for $198.00 and free shipping up until Dec.31,2006 (to the lower 48 states only). We also have the evaporators and we will add those to this thread this week. Those would be extra cost.
We will be making our Weekend Warrior belt which allows you to disconnect your A/C and alternator for the Strip as another incentive but we are waiting for the correct radiator hose and belt for quick release at the track. We will have that set up for you very soon. It could add a little better time to your time slips. We will announce the completion of them real soon....These are not cheap compressors. We listed these in our store, as a courteousy to everyome but these prices here are only available to SCCoA Members. They sell in the store for $225.00. This price of $198.00 is for SCCOA member ONLY!! So if you are not a member, maybe it's time to sign up! There are very good advantages to having a membership. Our discounts are one of them. This advertised price is only good until Dec 31st. Thank you and excuse our changing of information but we wanted anyone who needs one to be able to purchase one at anytime. Admin, please move this to the proper forum if we have made a mistake and can you make this a sticky until December 31st at Midnight? This will end on December 31, 2006. Thank you for your favorable response to this buy.
Thank you!