View Full Version : Shootout Vid is finished

10-15-2006, 10:25 PM
The shootout footage that we took all 20 something gig is now condensed down and fitting on a 4.7 gig DVD. There is vid from the finish line on the first time runs, vid from starting line of burnouts and launches, and also vid of where I was at of the full pass. The DVD has been broken down into 5 different sections. Full Passes and Finals, Bits and Pieces(starting line), From the Finish Line, Odds and Ends(dyno and other vid), Still pics of all the differant cars and license plates. It is about 4 gigs of video and pics. I enjoyed watching it and seeing the differant classes of cars and also was cool to see them launch and hear that SC whine. You can also hear that sound that all SC owners hate, WHEELHOP! The vid has 1 or 2 little bloops but she has beat her head against the wall for 2 weeks now and spent many late nights trying to get this together for all that where there and also for those that were not there but would like to see a great event with awsome people. The bloops is in the background music on a couple of things and no biggie.

Now for the cost of the DVD. With what we had to purchase and also her labor, at vietnamese sweat shop costs, it will run $20 shipped to you. You can Paypal for this also if you want so we can get it out to you quicker.

Paypal instructions: Send me your email address to anthonyarnold2004@hughes.net and she will send you an invoice from paypal. You can then pay and send money through paypal. It will be from Sally's paypal account that the invoice will be sent.

If you want to just send a check you can mail it to us at:

Anthony and Sally Arnold
1609 Minors Branch Road
Stamping Ground, KY. 40379

If you want multiple copies just let us know in the email sent to me with your email address.

Any questions just give me a yell at the above email address. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I have.