View Full Version : Bhj Sfi 6500 Rpm And Higher Certified Balancer. Group Purchase!!!

victor malvar
11-07-2006, 08:08 PM
Hello, Everyone,

We have sold a few of these BHJ SFI dampers already to a few customers and have had no problems whatsoever. We should be receiving them by the beginning of next week or sooner. We carry the 89-93 as well as the 94-95 regular balancers and NOW since BHJ has gone public with the new SFI which should be used if you when running 6500 RPM and above. We always try to give a little bit back to everyone. We have been notified that the SFI are on their way, but we do have the regular ones in stock as usual. These new SFI have been used in the 3.8L 4.2L applications with no issues at 7000 RPM plus and speeds of 189.1 mph, red lining at 7000 but will be increasing that to 7500 RPM respecfully and hopefully.

We are taking orders from anyone who is interested in the purchase of these SFI dampers through this group buy which includes the regular BHJ balancers as well. We want you to get the best deal possible. We will have some incentives for whomever is looking to purchase one for their SC or XR7 ect. The installer should check the bolt engagement to ensure the proper installation. Please check with us if you are indeed interested, let us know so we can get the ball rolling for you. We also want to thank BHJ for the input from Brian, and RJ for the information they have provided to us all. We thank you all for your continued support and confidence. We take credit cards direct over the phone if you do not care to wait for the group buy-in, but you will still get the discount. You can order them direct by calling us at 352-732-5013. Just call us for special pricing. We will have all pricing once we receive the order and include shipping costs. FOR THIS GROUP BUY, SINCE WE CANNOT PASS THE DISCOUNTS TO JUST ANYONE, YOU MUST CALL HERE TO PLACE AND PAY FOR YOUR ORDER. Our online store will have regular pricing. This group buy discount only applies to SCCOA members at this time. And to mention again....BOTH SFI AND REGULAR BALANCERS 1989-1995 ARE INCLUDED IN THIS GROUP-BUY.
Hope you all have a great evening. Take care!!!

11-07-2006, 09:54 PM
I wish you could post more information. Not necessarily price but some details about the balancer. i.e. One piece, two piece. style of dampner, issues related to bolt length in original... stuff like that.

victor malvar
11-07-2006, 11:45 PM
I wish you could post more information. Not necessarily price but some details about the balancer. i.e. One piece, two piece. style of dampner, issues related to bolt length in original... stuff like that.

Hi Mike,
I will.... It's not to much to ask.I should have thought of it. I have been in kind of a rush and did this post kind of fast although it took 3 hrs due to a browswer problem with Internet Explorer # 7. I am having a medical treatment @ 7:00 AM and rushed trying to get things done all day long. Let me look at my sheet and get the pertinent information for everyone. I will try to get to it done tonight but since I have so much to get ready for tomorrow. I just put down the basic Group buy info and discounts we will be offering. We would rather sell for a little less. That has been our way for a few years so everyone get a shot at one. I maybe speaking with Brian from BHJ later tonight and will get all that information for everyone ASAP. Thanks for the that notation. I saw a lot on the SCCoA page today George Davenport wrote about it and so did Brian from BHJ and my good friend Paul from Blue Tongue. Also there a link from when Rich Thompson was still selling and keeping us all on our toes. Now he is a close neighbor living not to far from us in Florida. Hope your doing fine. Thanks and we will see you someday soon.
Take care Mike!

Sharon Silver
01-12-2007, 02:58 PM
Any updates on specs? cost?

victor malvar
01-12-2007, 05:36 PM
Any updates on specs? cost?

Hello Sharon,

BHJ Harmonic dampers offer the most precise and advance execution of the proven elastomer design. Most engine designers prefer alastomer-type dampers because of the durability, their superior high-frequency damping qualities and their ability to dampen all types of vibrations. These SFI approved dampers are all-steel, one piece and are lighter than the OEM units they replace. They have proven their merit in thousands of applications including off shore boats, Grand National stock cars, short track Super Modified, Pro Stock and other drag racing cars, Indy cars and street driven grocery getters. All critical OEM mounting dimensions are duplicated for accurate alignment of accessory drives. These balancers feature a TDC mark and are degreed from 0 to 50 degrees in 2-degree increments for accurate ignition timing. 90 degree marks are also included for easy valve adjustment.This special SFI approved balancer are recommended for those engines running over 6500 rpm. Installation instructions are included. This balancer is for the 1989-1993 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe and other applications for the 3.8L and the 4.2L or 4.3L engine.
Please excuse our delay in posting this when Mike asked us to give a little more information.
We have a lot of things going on. We are in the process of updating our computer system network. We are just now receiving all the benefits of the PRI show and there is quite a lot to do to get it inventoried then to be able to place in the store. I will get more information for everyone as needed and as time allows
Things have been very hectic with other personal matters that take priority in our personal lives. We are getting older and try to keep the same pace as when we had much more energy . I will try to give everyone of you the best we can. It is only Diane and I doing all this to try and keep our services and quality plus price and very fast shipping. The interested people can also call. It helps us provide better overall service!!! We go the extra mile to get the parts to every one very fast. We are also presently working on a exhaust system that will fill a void that now exists. Many SCers need a good exhaust at a good affordable price and we are trying to also get that for those who need the upgrade of their exhaust which is a an intrical part of our cars upgrades.. All of this takes time. We thank you all for your patience although we do get things going out pretty fast We have a good system and we have been able to work out to save most people a couple of days faster than most anyone at the same cost. You can visit our store where there is plenty of information... Thank you Sharon for reminding me.
Victor and Diane....
We do also take phone calls and credit card if anyone wants to buy direct.

01-26-2007, 11:56 PM
is the discount still available?

victor malvar
01-27-2007, 12:11 AM
is the discount still available?

Hi Sure!!! We take care of our people.

Just holler!