View Full Version : Tan 94/95 SC auto center consoles & ebrake setup

11-08-2006, 04:38 PM
This console top and base is in mint condition, the storage compartment lid needs to be replaced though. I also have an ebrake handle & cable setup, and one Firm Ride switch that can go with the console or be sold separately. The ebrake setup is from an early model SC, but it works with the newer consoles as all the ebrake handles are the same. I'd like to get $30 plus shipping if sold separately. If someone wants it along with the console, we can work out a deal. Same goes for the Firm Ride switch if someone wants it along with a console, otherwise I'd like $20 shipped for it.

$200 plus shipping for just the console
$215 plus shipping for the console and ebrake setup
$225 plus shipping for everything