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11-10-2006, 03:24 PM
What should be the first things to do to my 89 sc? 60K original miles, totally stock.
Done already:
Changed blower belt.
Changed drive serp belt.
Plugs, wires, fuel filter, oil.
K&N filter.

I am looking for minor mods, not full blown blower upgrades, camshafts, etc... I can perform most of the work myself, as I have been doing for many years. I am not used to blower cars at all!!!!!!

It appears that the intercooler could be relocated. Does someone make a kit for this? I have a full shop setup in my garage, and since I am a journeyman millwright, I can fab most anything. Or is it ok pulling hot air from the radiator? ( I know...hot air in blowers...not good).
Does a cold air kit work on these cars, or do you have (should) to change the throttle body and relocate the mass air sensor?
How about the catalytic converter? Should it (they) be removed, or is (would):confused: there a problem with back pressure on blower cars?
Is it worth a 155 ltr in tank pump, or is the ( I am assuming that the stock one is a 98 ltr. pump) stock one ok?
Is an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator needed? Are there any mods needed to the rail if it is changed?
How about an 5% or 10% overdriven blower pulley? And does that entail a fuel system upgrade as asked above?

I'll let you sc guys ponder on that for a while.......All of your help is greatly appreciated. And thank you for any suggestions.

11-10-2006, 03:37 PM
Use the search to get more answers. Most everyone will say do your exhaust first. Type in exhaust in to search there are hundreds of threads on it. The intercooler is in a bad location. You can go with a dbl IC in the same location or Front Mount. Type in FMIC in search. 5% pulley is a nice upgrade after exhaust. Cold air intake, bigger MAF & TB. Supercharger responds better to Mods on the intake side. Bigger fuel pump nice upgrade but not needed untill you go with bigger injecters. It is marginal but useable. Fuel regulator is fine for you at this time. Big improvement comes from dumpping cats if you can & opening the exhaust. Most fun & seat of the pants mods for me were 3.73 gears (auto) and a lentec manual valve body to really wake up the shifting. Search search search and the questions have all been asked before and answered


Kurt K
11-10-2006, 04:09 PM
Like Ken said, there are dozens of threads that have tackled this in the past. Personally underdrive pulleys and gears are my first choices, followed closely with exhaust. The underdrive pulleys win out because they are the easiest and cheapest of the three.

11-10-2006, 04:31 PM
the intercooler is behind the AC condensor next to the radiator, go for a drive down the freeway for a few minutes pull over pop the hood & check the IC (intercooler) the bottom 1/3 rd is cool, (be careful you might shut off the engine) if you want to improve on that. I cut out my luvers in the bumper cutout. if you do the same drive check, you will find the IC cold all the way top to bottom. I think you should leave the IC where it is & do this or install a fan. low $ is to gut your cats & 1 high flow resonator & replace mufflers w/pipe.

11-10-2006, 05:35 PM
First you need to ask yourself where do you want to go with this car performance wise....Then we can better answer your questions

Remove air silencer (its free to do so)
I believe 110lph was stock..if upgrade go 190 or 255

Exhaust wise the factory resonator and cats are very restrictive..Replace them with high flow units. I'd say 2.25 inch cats with a dual 2.25 in and single 2.5 out magnaflow resonator to your factory back half exhaust (cheap way to do it)

get a 5% jackshaft pulley..>Several vendors here have them..And underdrive pulleys.

Being you already bought a K&N filter(stock replacement???) get an oversized intake tube 2.5 should do.

Everything mentioned above should give a nice boost to your car and is a great start or stop even.

Liek I sai ddepends how far you want to go

Good luck

11-11-2006, 12:48 AM
remove the air silencer inside the fender that goes to the air cleaner , get a colder set of plugs i think mine are 2 ranges colder like autolite 764 stock gap they have been running great for about 2 years or more since i changed them .i had trouble with the platinum app103 only lasted a few weeks and it was missing againi also had trouble with app 2544 missing after a few weeks , i have better luck with plain plugs . get a colder 180 thermostat . go to the junkyard and get a bigger maf off a newer tbird or lincoln or crown vic . go to lowes and get ductwork to make ram air. converters and resonator hurt a lot of power . upgrade those and youll have a rocket

11-11-2006, 04:28 PM
Don't do the 180 tstat, especially since in the north ie Detroit, unless your going to get a chip to change your fan on temps....... ALOT of people have put in the 180 and ended up running hotter because the coolant isn't staying in the rad long enough.

Anyways, the first steps usually is to remove the air silencer thats in the pax side fender. Next as mentioned, get rid of that resonator, even with just a y pipe into a 2.5" pipe. With stock mufflers you still get a nice sound.

After that, then you have to figure out where you want to go :) as mentioned.

Unfortunately now-a-days doing a search is a pain cause over half of them will tell you to do a search :cool: instead of anything else.

11-11-2006, 05:23 PM
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