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12-13-2006, 02:18 PM
Greetings to all from this new member.

I'm in the early stages of restoring my '90 SC -- owned since new, only 47k miles, but suffering from 17 years exposure to the Texas sun and parked the last couple of years because of a leaky heater core.

Anyway, I've got it all running, licensed, and inspected, and am about to dive into the smaller issues.

One thing I haven't found is a new tensioner/idler pulley for the supercharger. I've replaced the other two, but nobody I checked with seemed to have this one. Can somebody recommend a source?


--Al Evans

12-13-2006, 02:46 PM
supercoupeperformance sells stiffer springs for the tensioners but not sure about the unit as a whole.

12-13-2006, 02:57 PM
Kragen carries replacement pullies for our cars. They're metal instead of plastic. You could search for the part number here on the message board.

12-13-2006, 03:28 PM
Go to Advance Autoparts. It's a Dayco part #89007. Just replaced my SC pulley with one of these. It's steel and the pulley only.

12-13-2006, 05:45 PM
The consensus seems to be that the Dayco 89016 is the best match.

I'll get one and see what happens.

--Al Evans

12-14-2006, 07:36 PM
Kragen doesn't carry Dayco anymore, they've got .... mmmmm..... I want to say Goodyear, but I don't remember now. Regardless, the new company is MUCH more expensive than the Dayco ones used to be.